Sunday, June 24, 2012

Life in the studio

This body of work explores the daily life of several First-year architecture students at the University of Memphis.

These students spent many sleepless nights in the studio completing projects for class, and I hope the images serve as an interesting document of that hard work and dedication.

All of the students are close like a tight knit family due to the amount of time they spend together in the studio. They practically eat, sleep, and work together every day, with the occasional fast food run at three in the morning.

Most of these students rarely see their dorm rooms. If they do it’s a short visit: a quick shower, a change of clothes, then back to the studio.

Many of them have stayed up days at a time, completing wood models and floor plans. This photo essay captures the hectic life of first-year architecture students.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Far and Apart

Far and apart is a photo essay conducted over the past week between Amiya (Massachusetts) and Aaron (Tennessee) a long distance couple. In and effort to draw even closer while apart Aaron a photographer suggested that they do a photo essay in conjunction with one another for a week. The photos you see below are a result of those pictures made during the week. All pictures were made with the iPhone4s.

Aaron: At the beginning I wasn't sure how things would turn out but as the pictures started coming in from Amiya I knew I was going to turn out great. I had to remember that Amiya used to do painting and drawing so she already has an artistic eye. In some photos I see that we see the same way but don't know if that's because she looks at my photos all the time or that is just another thing we have in common. I really like this body of work and look forward to doing another photo essay with Amiya.  

Amiya: When I was first introduced the photo essay idea I thought it would be a unique way for us to feel closer to each other. Being so far away physically can make it difficult to maintain our connection but taking pictures is a great way to always feel our connection. I really enjoyed knowing that this was a project we shared. Every picture I took and I shared with you felt like another step in building our connection. The project gave us the opportunity to show our individual experiences from where we are, but ultimately create a story of our experiences together.

Amiya's Photos:

Aaron's Photos:

Sunday, June 3, 2012