Sunday, January 20, 2013

"Photography isn't just photography its everything else"

Outtakes from Winter Break 

"Photography isn't just photography its everything else" a phrase that came to my mind after class one day. I don't know why I thought it, maybe from looking at so many images and taking so many images and knowing the things that go into making all these various images, I feel different about photography now. Not until this year have I really embraced that photography is more than just right place, right time, click of the shutter, its everything that took place before that and afterwards. Think about it for a minute. All the things we learn as photographers in class and in the field, photography is so much more than what you thought it was starting out in this profession. Key things that keep me motivated in photography these days are others peoples work, staying creative, and Instagram. Helping people with my photography is the realm I want to step into next, starting this semester, and hopefully I will step into that area. 

Enjoy these images taken over the break from Ohio to Memphis to Virginia.