Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thoughts on a Mini Vacation in Topsail, NC

About a week ago enroute to Athens, Ohio for the start of my Masters, I took a flight from Memphis, TN to Jacksonville, NC where I met up with brother and his girlfriend, who had been vacationing for the week atTopsail beach. I only spent a day and a half there for the most part. But I really enjoyed seeing the beach and the ocean for the first time and of course taking pictures.

I was mostly excited about seeing Marley the beagle, my brother's dog. Which is the nicest chillest dog you'll ever meet. Here is a portrait I made of him only being in Topsail a few hours. I was impulsively taking photos of him naturrally because it was my first time seeing him in forever. In the mist of that caos I feel I was able to take a decent portrait of him.


This was vacation after all, so I did the beach thing, and roomed up and down it collecting shells and sharks teeth, I even saw a sand castle. The beach was alive and well with people with a calming afternoon sea breeze. Upon my time there I thought about grad school and how it would be living in Athens, Ohio all by myself, and it was a calming thought surprisingly. Even with all the stuff I was thinking of about being there it didn't stress me out, it only made me wanna work harder.  

I ran cross country in high school, and wasn't the best runner but it taught me one important lesson. That when things are tough, and you want to give up, there is still strength within you to finish the race and not give up. No matter how hard it is. I am looking forward to this challenge at Ohio University and there is no looking back.