Friday, October 26, 2012

Hipstamatic Coverage: Battle of the MCs Ohio University

Got a chance to cover Battle of the MCs here at Ohio University it was a really fun event. During this shoot I wanted to change up things a little an not got for the typical stage photos of people performing so I got back stage and took a few portraits as well.

Portraits are what I'm really into these days so I find myself taking them almost second nature every assignment now.

Also during this shoot I got to hang out with Jean P again a really cool guy who I hope to keep photographing and hanging out with.

What I found at this event was a culture of hip hop here at OU and I feel like exploring it more.

Photos from the canon are coming later until then enjoy this post!!

Fall in Ohio

College Green Ohio University Athens Ohio, Oct. 23, 2012

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hipstamatic: Humans vs. Zumbies

The last mission of the fall for Athens Humans vs. Zombies at College Green on Ohio University Campus. I've been photographing these guys since Saturday and almost wanted to give up on doing so because of the difficulty of shooting this event, but I stuck it out, and finally made some hipstamatic images out it as well. I wanted to take time and challenge, and work on embedding myself. It was fairly easy with this group all they did was look at me and kept on playing the game. They where too busy and I was busy making pictures so it worked out. I would stop and talk to them before and after the missions started to get a feel for the cultured, all around these guys are pretty nice. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012


This weekend I really tried to push forth my new endeavor, portraits.  Whether it was with my iphone or camera I was practicing posing people and bringing out their personality. In all of these photos I barely told the subjects to stand here, and nothing else. The expressions you are are an accurate reflection of how the individuals felt self consciously at this point in time. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Attempt at Portraits

My attempt at taking portraits, there are some technical things that could have been done better here, I'm not happy with my pictures but I happy with my efforts. This is Jessica Lax a museum curator in Athens, Ohio. Curating is something I'm interested in doing in the future, so I said why not photograph her for my assignment.

I recently got into portraiture after reading some material by Josh Birnbaum which was very insightful. He was talking about the balance between subject control and photographer control in photographs. It made sense to me, and his work reflected his philosophe when I checked out his website. So I now embrace the portrait as an exploration device into people's lives

I'm lacking a tighter shot here out of this selection and I centered her in almost every photo. I plan on going back and ding this shoot better this coming week. So be on the look out to see pictures from my reshoot.